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President: Robert Hesketh

Vice President: Michele Siconolfi

Treasurer: Frank Koniges

Secretary: Ed Maher

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Road Runner Club of AmericaSJAC is a member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).
We are Club #1430

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South Jersey Athletic Club SJAC

About the USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix & Club Challenge

SJAC is Club #14 of the Mid-Atlantic Association of USA Track & Field (USATF).
We encourage all club members to join USATF. If you live in New Jersey or anywhere but Delaware and the eastern half of Pennsylvania, please see these Transfer Instructions when joining USATF.

The Grand Prix Circuit has been created to enhance the quality of road racing experiences for Mid-Atlantic athletes. By participating in the Grand Prix Circuit we hope that you will have a lot of fun and you may be able to help the club win an award or win an individual award. Follow these instructions on how to join the Mid-Atlantic Association. SJAC is Club #14 of the Mid-Atlantic Association of USA Track & Field (USATF).

The Grand Prix uses scores based on a World Masters Athletics (WMA) age grading which is a type of handicap for age. This grading is a percentage of the world record for that distance based on age and sex. If you want to calculate your own percentage of a world record for a given distance you can use this ON-LINE CALCULATOR by Howard Grubb. This site also converts your actual time to the equivalent time that you would have run in your racing prime assumed to be between 19 to 29 years old. More information can be found here on the National USATF web site.

AWARD CATEGORIES: For individuals there are 2 categories of awards: Individual and Age Group. There is also a competition for running clubs.

Individual awards are given to the top 10 scoring males and and the top 10 scoring females.This ranking is obtained by summing the best 6 WMA age graded scores from the Grand Prix Races.

Age Group awards are based on your place at particular Grand Prix races in your age group (based on WMA scores). At a race you can earn 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place. Again points are added for your best 6 races.

To obtain either the Individual or Age Group award there is no minimum number of races that you need to run. You just need your total score to be among the highest 3 in your age group!

For those that complete all of the Grand Prix races you will receive a personalized certificate mounted for wall display.

Please note that the Philadelphia Marathon/Half Marathon/8K only counts as one race for all of the individual competitions.

Grand Prix Club Competition
In the club competition, each club will score 1 team that is based on 5 runners of which a minimum of one member must be a female. The team score, determined after the race, is simply the summation of the best 5 scores with a minimum of one from a female athlete. The Club competition is calculated by summing a specified number of events. In 2017 there were 11 events and only the 8 highest club scores were used. Again the Philadelphia Marathon weekend can count for up to 3 events, but an individual scoring for the club can only be counted once in this weekend.

We need more than 5 individuals competing at each of the Grand Prix races to guarantee that we get a good club score!
The more participating athletes we have, the less Grand Prix races each member needs to run!

Click here---> For detailed information on the USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix